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NYC Tech Meetup - Code Crew @ Alley NYC

Last Sunday I went to Code Crew's Collaborative Coding meetup.

The event takes place every Sunday at Alley NYC. The midtown venue is a shared office space open between 12-4pm with room for 100+ hackers, power, wifi and kitchen facilities. A youngish crowd and a relaxed, friendly vibe, there are no presentations or planned activities - just turn up and hack solo or chat with people and code together. Most people I met were budding Ruby programmers from a local college. I really enjoyed it and will be heading back there fr…

WWW::betfair - a Perl API for the World's largest betting exchange

Recently I released version 1.00 of WWW::betfair. It provides an OO Perl Programming interface to the betfair API.

betfair is a sports betting services provider best known for hosting the largest sports betting exchange in the world. The sports betting exchange works like a marketplace: betfair provides an anonymous platform for individuals to offer and take bets on sports events at a certain price and size; it is the ebay of betting. Unfortunately betfair is not available in all countries /users/sillymoose/2013/08/index.html

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