USB::LibUSB 0.06 released

libusb is a highly portable library providing generic access to USB devices. USB::LibUSB was newly written in 2017 to provide Perl bindings to the libusb-1.0 API. It replaces the deprecated module Device::USB, which targeted the older and incompatible libusb-0.1 API.

This release of USB::LibUSB fixes a bug in the config descriptor data structure. Before the fix, only the first interface of a given configuration was represented. Now, the "interface" element of the config descriptor hash holds an array of interfaces, each of which consists of an array of alternate settings. Typically each interface has only one alternate setting:

my $config = $dev->get_active_config_descriptor(); 
my @interfaces = @{$config->{interface}};
# Get first alternate setting of first interface
my $first_interface = $interfaces[0]->[0];

Many thanks to Mike Ferrara who spotted the issue when porting code from Device::USB to USB::LibUSB.

Lab::Measurement paper published!

Good news: Our article Lab::Measurement—A portable and extensible framework for controlling lab equipment and conducting measurements was accepted for publication by Computer Physics Communications and is available for download!

The Lab::Measurement software stack is a feature-rich solution for measurement automation and instrument control, which is both lightweight and highly …

Lab::Measurement 3.620: More Modern Perl

Lab::Measurement 3.620 was released yesterday.

The most important addition is a new high-level sweep framework written with Moose. Check out the new tutorial Lab::Moose::Sweep::Tutorial!

Comparing with the older Lab::XPRESS framework, the main new feature is support for block data. This is needed when working with instruments like spectrum analyzers or vector network analyzers which return an array of data in each measurement.

Lab::Measurement at DPG Spring Meeting in Berlin

The Lab::Measurement module stack will be featured with a poster at Europe's largest physics conference this year, the DPG Frühjahrstagung (Spring Meeting) of the Condensed Matter Section, Berlin, march 11. - 16. 2018.

So please come by on Monday, March 12, 2018, 15:00–19:00, Poster B, TT 29: Poster Session: Cryogenic Particle Detectors and Cyotechnique.

If you cannot wait until march, please consider the …

Lab::Measurement: New lightweight backends for VXI-11 and USB-TMC

The Lab::Measurement project provides Open Source control of Test & Measurement devices with Perl. This post introduces the new Test & Measurement back end modules Lab::VXI11 and USB::TMC. Both VXI-11 and USBTMC are open standards and are supported by most modern T & M devices. They were developed as alternatives to the legacy GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus). The main purpose of GPIB is to transfer text messages between the measurement PC and an…