Crypt-SSLeay 0.60

I just uploaded to Crypt-SSLeay 0.60 to PAUSE to address RT #77167 and CPAN testers failures with the previously released version. The former was due to the fact that SSL v2 is no longer supported on various platforms, and the latter due to the fact that LWP::Protocol::https was not specified as a dependency.

Most of the changes leading up to 0.59_03 were similarly minor and straightforward. However, one addressing RT #64054 attempted to deal with incomplete reads and writes in a better way, and is a significant change from the original codebase.

After a brief spurt of activity on these issues back in March of this year, I kept having to postpone the deeper fixes and enhancements such as an improved Makefile.PL, more tests, and multi-platform thread support. In the last few months, I spent most of my time writing a lot of tedious SAS code, and dealing with intricacies of medical codes and charges. When you're knee deep in that stuff, it's far easier to put together a short, self-contained blog post during many platform-imposed breaks (some intermediate tables would take many hours to build), or try to answer a quick question on Stackoverflow, than to think about the intricacies of Mac builds.

That's bad lazy.

I am going to have some time to dedicate to Crypt-SSLeay this week. I also realized that unless I put out a release, not many people will exercise intermediate development versions. So, I just bumped up the version number and added a few lines to Changes for 0.60. I am hoping to get some feedback over the week as people try it out. But, please be careful: The most significant new code, i.e. the changes to SSL_read and SSL_write to handle incomplete reads/writes in the recommended way, has not really been exercised.

In addition to bug reports, I would really appreciate any kind of tests, or suggestions on how to write decent tests. Please post bug reports, suggestions, and patches on

Thank you for your patience.

Next steps for Crypt-SSLeay

My primary goal for the 0.58 release was to understand and fix as much as I could without breaking anything. Occasionally, that meant leaving certain blocks of code in place in Makefile.PL even when I was not too sure it was necessary to do so. I did try to improve version detection, fix a couple of things and factor out code to subroutines, but I left much intact.

Two new bug reports, RT #61249: Over-rigid library use on Win32 prevents dynamic libraries and ="…

Crypt-SSLeay 0.58

Earlier today, I uploaded Crypt-SSLeay to CPAN with much trepidation.

I am hoping that the module is in no worse shape today than when I joined the project as a co-maintainer. As I outlined in response to brian's post, I plan to work on multi-threading support for the next release.

I would also like to add more tests.

If you use this module (i.e., if y…

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