Crypt-SSLeay 0.58

Earlier today, I uploaded Crypt-SSLeay to CPAN with much trepidation.

I am hoping that the module is in no worse shape today than when I joined the project as a co-maintainer. As I outlined in response to brian's post, I plan to work on multi-threading support for the next release.

I would also like to add more tests.

If you use this module (i.e., if you use LWP or WWW:Mechanize with HTTPS), please try out development versions in the upcoming weeks and report bugs.

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I'll probably keep in touch, as this module is installed in Strawberry Perl, and I'll notice (and hear about) bugs in the building/using of it on Windows. Thanks for letting us know, and thanks again for releasing a version that resolves RT#52408.

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