Tapper - a test infrastructure

AMD released Tapper to github and CPAN, a test infrastructure for all aspects of testing including Operating Systems and Virtualization. It provides independent layers to adapt to different levels of QA requirements, from simple tracking and presenting test results to complete automation of machine pools multiplexing complex virtualization use-cases with detailed data evaluation.

Tapper includes:

  • Automation
  • Machine Scheduling
  • Command line utilities
  • Web Frontend application
  • Support for writing tests
  • Powerful result evaluation API
  • Testplan support with TaskJuggler

Technologies used:

  • Test Anything Protocol (TAP)
  • Core system written in Perl and CPAN
  • DB independent, developed on MySQL and SQLite
  • Language agnostic testing (e.g. Perl/Python/Shell test suites)
  • PXE, GRUB, TFTP, NFS boot automation

Read more on developer.amd.com or amd64.org.


It would be nice if they'd bail in the Makefile when the installation detects it's on an unsupported OS, instead of making Perl smokers break all over the place. :/

It's on Github, won't be too hard to patch. My guess is that this group may be a bit new to all the ins and outs of CPAN, and would probably be grateful to get some assistance.

Exciting to see AMD joining the Perl community and CPAN!

Thanks for sharing! :)

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