Perl QA Hackathon report - part 2: CPAN testing on L4 Linux

This year at the Perl QA Hackathon I had three topics: benchmark update Perl until 5.24, enable CPAN test reporting on L4Linux, release a Net::SSH::Perl v2 to CPAN.

Part 2 - CPAN testing on L4 Linux

To extend the diversity of platforms on CPAN TESTERS, I brought a laptop with me which runs on the L4Re micro-kernel in order to set up CPAN::Reporter tools on it. The laptop runs Ubuntu 16.04 with the kernel exchanged by L4Linux v4.4.

The only hickup I had was that the information about the operating system kernel is not picked up at runtime of CPAN installation or reporting but taken from the Perl's $Config entry. Once I realized that, I recompiled the Perl, currently using 5.22.1, re-iterated the setup, and let it run during the hackathon, with just occasional reviewing to install missing external dependencies.

Thumbnail image for cpan-reporter-log2.jpg

So if you spot a kernel version looking like 4.4.0-l4-g2be3f0e like in here - that's my L4Linux CPAN test box.

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