Perl QA Hackathon report - part 3: Net::SSH::Perl v2

This year at the Perl QA Hackathon I had three topics: benchmark update Perl until 5.24, enable CPAN test reporting on L4Linux, release a Net::SSH::Perl v2 to CPAN.

Part 3 - Net::SSH::Perl

I am co-maintaining Net::SSH::Perl, though usually I just apply patches that come up on RT or github.

Some months ago Lance Kinley implemented modern ciphers like AES, more key exchange algorithms, etc. on github - however he started from a CPAN .tgz snapshot. With the help of E. Choroba I got Lance's history rebased to my repository. However, I was short on time and wanted to do release polishing during the hackathon, and so I did.

The only trouble I had was that another patch from Brad Lhotsky which I merged earlier did conflict with Lance's changes in a way that I could solve in a git way but some tests kept failing and I did not understand why.

To be sure to not screw things up I had to give up merging and only released Lance's extensions to CPAN as a new major release v2.01.

As a side effect I also uploaded another new module from Lance, Crypt::OpenBSD::Blowfish, to CPAN.

If you are a user of Net::SSH::Perl please test if it works.

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