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Modules *AND* applications

"Why choose?" -- Fatima Dinssa

In Modules vs Applications, Sawyer X noted that one of the "issues" (emphasis mine) of Perl people is the tendency to write modules instead of applications. That CPAN is great but due to the lack of end user programs there is no WOW factor. He suggested that we write programs/applications that everyone can use to attract more people to Perl.

While I agree with the last suggestion, I don't agree with the preference to modularize everything as an issue. As someo…

Log::Any::App (2)

Following up on my previous post, I've just uploaded Log::Any::App to CPAN.

Do you write or use modules that use Log::Any? Or, do you want to use Log::Any conveniently in an application? Now you can just do this:

% perl -MLog::Any::App -MOtherModuleThatUsesLogAny -e ...

and the logs will be displayed to screen. The default level is WARN, but if you want to debug things:

% DEBUG=1 perl -MLog…

Choosing test names

Which test names do you prefer?

"tong() method can connect to database"
"tong() method can disconnect from database"
"sha() method can delete an existing file"
"sha() method fails when deleting a non-existing file"


"tong 1"
"tong 2"
"sha 1"
"sha 2"

They are both rather extreme, but if I had to choose, I would still rather go with the shorter ones. I tend to treat test names more like unique IDs, and when things go wrong I just look up the actual test code.

I wouldn't mind verbose test names though if they can some…

On reading code

Last week I started using github, forked a project, and read some of miyagawa's beautiful code. Later on the weekend, I imitated a particular style I found from his code to improve my own code.

And then I realized: during the course of many years as a programmer, I really really seldom read other people's code, especially real-world code. Sure, I do whenever I have to patch something. But other than that, practically never.

Other than code, I do read an awful lot: books, magazines, mailing lists, forums, blogs, web pages. I have never …

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