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Startup overhead still matters

We all love Moose, and the subject of this question could have been rephrased better, but why do I get the feeling that not many people write pure CGI or command-line scripts in Perl (that got executed many times) anymore? After all, didn't Perl begin as a tool for sysadmin and only in the mid 1990's got picked up as the darling of CGI/web programming?

There are still many cases where/reasons why Perl scripts need to be run many times (instead of persistently long running).

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Spot the error

use Data::Rmap qw(:all);
use JSON;
use Data::Dump;
use Clone;
use boolean;

my $arg = from_json(q{{"1":true,"2":false}});
# convert JSON booleans to boolean's booleans
rmap_all { bless $_,"boolean" if ref($_) =~ /^JSON::(XS|PP)::Boolean$/ }, $arg;
dd $arg;

Hint: it's one character long.

In fact, this piece of code is full of Perl's traps (from Perl's lack of booleans obviously, to less obviously having to clone and rmap not working), it disgusts me.

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