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Wishlist for a service framework and/or manager

I maintain code for a few daemons/services written in Perl (most of them serve requests by forking/preforking). Reading post on Ubic, I started to feel that I am reinventing a lot of wheels. Currently I am doing these by writing my own code, as much as which I hope can be offloaded to CPAN in the future:

  • Autorestart when process size is becoming too big. We need to do this gracefully, meaning wait until there is no more clients being serviced, unless proce…

Random Perl wishlists #1: uncapture modifier, require+import, backtick function

Uncapture modifier. The new /r regexp substitution modifier in Perl 5.13.2 indicates that there might be hope for even more modifiers in the future. A possible modifier might be one that ignores all capture groups, which can solve this guy's problem.

require that can also import. I wonder why "require" doesn't also support importing like "use" does: use MODULE_NAME LIST... since it already support "require MODULE_NAME". …

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user-pic A programmer (mostly Perl 5 nowadays). My CPAN ID: SHARYANTO. I'm sedusedan on perlmonks. My twitter is stevenharyanto (but I don't tweet much). Follow me on github: sharyanto.