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Comparison of Perl serialization modules

A while ago I needed a Perl data serializer with some requirements (supports circular references and Regexp objects out of the box, consistent/canonical output due output will be hashed). Here's my rundown of currently available data serialization Perl modules. A few notes: the labels fast/slow is relative to each other and are not the result of extensive benchmarking.

Data::Dumper. The grand-daddy of Perl serialization module. Produces Perl code with adjustable indentation level (default is lots of indentation, so output is verbose). Slow. Available in core since the early day…

Perl vs PHP (a bit of credit to PHP)

Just read this blog post. Comments are disabled, so I thought I'd add a blog post.

There are endless ways we can sneer at PHP's deficiencies, but since 5.3 PHP already supports anonymous subroutines, via the function (args) { ... } syntax. So:

$longestLine = max(
        create_function('$a', 'return strlen($a);'), 
        explode("\n", $str)

can be rewritten as:

$longestLine = max(
        function($a) { return strlen($a); }, 
        explode("\n", $str)

Book review: Catalyst 5.8 The Perl MVC Framework

Book information
Subtitle: Build Scalable and extendable web applications using the Agile MVC framework.
Author: Antano Solar John.
Publisher: Packt Publishing.
Country: UK/India.
Year: 2010.

This book is a follow up to the 2007 Catalyst book by Jonathan Rockway (member of Catalyst core developer team). I have no idea how much of the content is changed between the two.

About the review(er)
This is a review on the electronic (PDF) edition of the book. I am a P…

Coding Style As A Failure Of Language Design?

Read this older blog post the other day. Hilarious at best, creepy at worst.

Arbitrary limitations should not be added to a general-purpose programming language unless for a really good reason. Do you really want to code in a language that forces you to indent with 2 spaces, never cross 80-column line, or require/forbid whitespace here and there? And besides, is there any language (no matter how strict the syntax of which is) which do not have some sort of coding style?

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