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Sometimes you *don't* want circular checking

I use the nifty Data::Rmap to "flatten" DateTime objects into strings so they can be exported to JSON and handled outside Perl. But due to circular checking in Data::Rmap, this:

$ perl -MData::Rmap=:all -MData::Dump \
-e'$d = DateTime->now; $doc = [$d, $d];
rmap_ref { $_ = $_->ymd if UNIVERSAL::isa($_, "DateTime") } $doc;
dd $doc'

produces something like this:

["2010-10-01", ...unconverted DateTime object...]

For now I work a…

Yet another stupid mistake #1

During a refactor of a data from array @foo to hash %foo, I used 'each' to iterate over the hash, but forgot to change the 'for' statement with 'while'. So I ended up with something like:

$ perl -MData::Dump -E'%a=(a=>1, b=>2);
for (my ($k, $v) = each %a) { $_ = "$k x"; dd {k=>$k, v=>$v, "\$_"=>$_} }'

And this is nasty because for(@ary) aliases $_ to each element in @ary, and in this case it modifies $k (quiz #1: and $v too, do you know why?) right under your nose! Thus the result are really messed up:

{ …

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