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Outputting pretty data structure on console programs

Our application has a command-line API interface for convenient access via shell/console. It used to output API result data in YAML:

# /c/sbin/spanel api --yaml File list --account steven --volume data --dir /public
  atime: '1270675429'
  ctime: '1285916065'
  gid: 1023
  group: steven
  is_dir: 1
  mtime: '1285916065'
  perms: 493
  uid: 1012
  url: ~
  user: steven
    atime: '1284665000'
    ctime: '1289609859'
    dir: /public
    gid: 1023
    group: steven
    icon_file: folder.gif
    inode: 1984908
    is_dir: 1
    is_link: 0
    mtime: '128960985…

Comparison of INI-format modules on CPAN

I'm not terribly happy with the state of Perl/CPAN support for the INI file format.

I have this requirement of modifying php.ini files programmatically from Perl like: set register_globals to On/Off, add/remove some extension (via the extension=foo lines), adding/removing some functions from the disabled_functions list, etc. So I would like to find a CPAN module that can just set/unset a parameter and leave formatting/comments alone as much as possible.

Turns out that among a dozen or so of INI modules on CPAN, a few of them do not do writes at all (e.g. ="http://search…

(Short, grossly incomplete) comparison of Perl logging frameworks

After doing this post on comparison of Perl serialization modules, I intended to continue with other comparisons, and even thought on setting up a wiki or creating/maintaining a section on the Official Perl 5 Wiki, which already has a Recommended Modules section, although there is not much comparison being written for each recommendation. (Btw, I just noticed a change of domain for the Wiki, from to…

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