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App::UniqFiles (a case for building app with Dist::Zilla and Sub::Spec)

When watching videos at Tudou or Youku, both Chinese YouTube-like video sites, you'll often get one/two 15- or 30-second video ads at the beginning. Since I download lots of videos recently, my Opera browser cache contains a bunch of these video ads files, each usually ranging from around 500k to a little over 1MB. But there are also duplicates.

I thought I'd collect these ads, for learning Chinese, but I don't want the duplicates, only one file per different ad. The result: ="http://search.cpan.org/dist/App-UniqFile…

Undocumented Getopt::Long::Configure feature

Getopt::Long has a Configure() function to let you customize its parsing behaviour, e.g. whether or not to be case-sensitive, whether or not unknown options are passed unmodified or generate an error, etc. However, this customization is global: it affects every piece of code using Getopt::Long.

Since I use Getopt::Long in a utility module, which might conflict with the module user using Getopt::Long along with my module, I need to localize my Configure() effect. I was about to submit an RT wishlist ticket pertaining to this, but so…

Perl sighting: dangdang.com

Today I'm signing up an account at Dangdang, a large Chinese e-commerce site (previously I've ordered Chinese books from Amazon.cn/Joyo, thought I'd try other sites). Their URLs have ".aspx" in them, but when I get a registration confirmation email, it says:

From: 当当网 <reminder@sendmail.dangdang.com>
Subject: HASH(0x99eeaf0),来自当当网的验证邮件


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