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Perl module ideas #3

About the Perl Module Ideas posting series. Previous posts: #1, #2.

1. RSS::Mention::*. This is a class of modules which can generate an RSS feed to monitor mentions. Particularly I am interested of people mentioning my CPAN modules (so, RSS::Mention::CPAN::Module). The module should query search engine(s),…

On unsupported modules and RT tickets (#2)

Regarding my previous blog post on unsupported modules, after casual viewing of several RT queues (including viewing rejected and resolved queues instead of only the active ones), it looks like many CPAN authors do in fact read the tickets, but they do not respond or mark the ticket as open, so the status of the tickets stay as new and this gives the impression of neglect.

I wonder if RT can log the event if the author reads a ticket. Or perhaps show a helpful remind…

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