On unsupported modules and RT tickets (#2)

Regarding my previous blog post on unsupported modules, after casual viewing of several RT queues (including viewing rejected and resolved queues instead of only the active ones), it looks like many CPAN authors do in fact read the tickets, but they do not respond or mark the ticket as open, so the status of the tickets stay as new and this gives the impression of neglect.

I wonder if RT can log the event if the author reads a ticket. Or perhaps show a helpful reminder for the author to act on a ticket immediately (even if just setting a ticket status). Or making it easier to set ticket status, by showing a button or two? Or perhaps automatically set the ticket status to open on the author reading the ticket? Some or all of them?

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Perhaps an unscientific study in to how authors are using RT, and how the work flow can be made more appealing?

Can the author interact entirely via email (sparing her from going to the RT website), i love bugtrackers that i can interact with 100% via email. Granted it becomes more like email chat, but anything that reduces the number of steps required to take the same action is a good thing!

I find RT annoying because i frequently find myself clicking around rather than being ushered where i need to go. Perhaps im doing it wrong, but i click on a ticket, click to log in, then have to find my way to the ticket rather than being whisked back to the ticket from whence i came!

My experience has been that anything that reduces clicks is welcomed by users (maybe not single click macos9). but facebook and stuff.

If someone (bestpractical perhaps) where to take a "MS Office overhaul" type approach of rethinking the interface heavily, perhaps an interface with better flow and less confusion, would it result in higher bug attention?

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