Perl module ideas #3

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1. RSS::Mention::*. This is a class of modules which can generate an RSS feed to monitor mentions. Particularly I am interested of people mentioning my CPAN modules (so, RSS::Mention::CPAN::Module). The module should query search engine(s), exclude results from CPAN mirrors, and put the rest into a database. The module should also have an option to generate a feed for mentions of all modules belonging to a certain CPAN author. One problem for this is that Google seems to ignore "::" in search query, even within quotes.

2. Something like Blog::Spam, but instead of detecting blog comments or forum posts, it should ban/delete rogue user registrations, including inserting bans for a range of IP's to block frequent registrations. There are already blacklist services for this, like stopforumspam. I have been seeing lots of spammy forum registrations lately (well, not lately, this has been going on for quite some time, but the frequency increases). The registrations are done by human (so they get through all kinds of CAPTCHA's and filtering questions).

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