Perl module ideas #4

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1. JSON::Color, YAML::Color. I'm loving colors on the terminal. Only recently (yes, recently!) found out that terminals can support 256 colors. After Log::Any::App and Data::Dump::Color, I'm looking forward to see JSON::Color and YAML::Color, and might even write them myself someday if needed.

Since there are already several syntax highlighters targetting HTML (like those Javascript-based ones, is even using one), a feasible approach is to convert HTML output of syntax-highlighted JSON/YAML/others to ANSI. Sort of the reverse of HTML::FromANSI.

Yet another approach might be to raw dump the output of color-supporting text-based browser like links2 (complete with its ANSI escape codes), though I can't seem to activate its color support in my terminal ATM.

2. Compress::smaz. An interface to the smaz compression library. Might be useful someday, since I deal with language text a lot.

3. RSS::CPAN::ReverseDepends. In a similar spirit to previous idea, RSS::Mention::CPAN::Module, this module can generate feeds to let CPAN authors know when there is a new module on CPAN using (one of his, or any of his) modules. This should be easily done using the MetaCPAN API.

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