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CPAN modules for the Indonesian language

(This post is just a lazy "proof-of-concept" for articles that review modules, but not focusing on comparing similar/competing modules for a task, but on listing various modules surrounding a theme or task.)

So far, this is a short list. You'd guess correctly that more prominent languages like English would have far more tools for it.

Converting number to/from verbage. There's Lingua::ID::Nums2Words for converting number to verbage and Lingua::ID::…

What is your release process?

For me, it goes something like this.

First, I edit Changes and dist.ini. Some people automate filling their Changes entry from 'git log', I find this inappropriate since Changes are meant for users, not developers. I also still bump version number manually (though only in one place, dist.ini). Perhaps someday I'll automate it; my version numbering scheme is mostly a boring 0.01-increments anyway.

This modification to two files will be in the commit message that marks the release.

Then I "push the one-click release process button", by running a simple Perl script, witho…

Hacktivity report (Apr-Jul 2012)

The original plan made at the end of March of working on the Sah data validation framework and form processing framework didn't happen. In April and May I released fewer CPAN distributions due to vacation.

In May and June a majority of my Perl hacking time is spent around the transaction specification in Rinci and Riap, plus a framework/generator…

From ref() to reftype()

I knew this day was coming.

Today I'm changing a bunch of code which uses ref() (specifically, code which checks whether something is a coderef: ref($foo) eq 'CODE') to use reftype() instead. reftype() works with blessed coderefs. And I will be encountering blessed coderefs quite a bit since my function wrapper (Perinci::Sub::Wrapper) marks its generated wrapper code by blessing them. I'm not even sure how that would be useful, but I'd still like to know if some function has been wrapped.

I have been putting off this for months (more than a yea…

Several rants

Despite of what's expressed in this blog post, I am generally responsive (as can be seen from my RT track record) and willing to be cooperative (or rather, not really willing to be uncooperative). I even often do the opposite of what I wrote below. It's just that sometimes you need to vent.

On people suggesting to use File::Spec (or Path::Class) everytime... Have using hard-coded "/" failed these days (on platforms that I care about)? Why do I have to subject myself to the verbose file('a', 'b', 'c') or even the masochistic ="prettyp…

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