Hacktivity report (Apr-Jul 2012)

The original plan made at the end of March of working on the Sah data validation framework and form processing framework didn't happen. In April and May I released fewer CPAN distributions due to vacation.

In May and June a majority of my Perl hacking time is spent around the transaction specification in Rinci and Riap, plus a framework/generator for creating functions that support undo/transaction, because writing such functions directly has become too complex and error prone. I have completed the specification, and converted a few Setup modules to using it (the rest will follow). A demo script has also been created and blogged about.

In July I released several modules to add Log::Any logging to various things: Log::Any::For::LWP, Log::Any::For::DBI, Log::Any::For::Builtins. Now displaying detailed logging is just a single line away.

Some other things which I worked on during this period:

Important things learnt during this period:

  • Writing your own spec works.

  • Look harder on CPAN before (re)inventing stuffs.

  • But reinvent stuffs anyway, because it's fun.

My focus for the next period remains working on the data validation and form processing framework.

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