A peculiar dream

I dream a lot. There was a period of 30-40 consecutive days in my high school year when I remember, because I made a note of it after realizing the fact going into the second week of that period, that I dreamed every single night. The frequency has gone much down nowadays, into only about once or twice every week or even less. I still make a note of some of these dreams, especially if the story is peculiar, and I try to find the possible triggers that made my mind decided to weave that story. Sometimes the connection is obvious, and sometimes it is less so.

Last night the dream was related to Perl, somewhat.

In the dream, I am the colleague of one Karen Pauley, a new member of the company. I came to the office one day, and there were bread and cakes and also one large birthday cake on the table with a number drawn on it with the icing. As another colleague and I tried to guess who the birthday person was, suddenly I recalled vaguely reading a birthday-related blog post many months before (the blog post is real, but I decide not to link to it). So I immediately thought of Karen, found her upstairs chatting with others, and quickly dragged her downstairs because it turned out that I hadn't introduced her to the other staffs. End of dream.

Decide for yourself what you make out of this post :) But it should be noted that I have never stalked, and currently am not stalking, any female online. Any female's blog that I followed in the Perl community, I do so by subscribing to either blogs.perl.org or the iron man.

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