Your own Task::BeLike::$AUTHOR::Favorited

Do you mark favorite distributions on Do you want to be able to do:

% cpanm -n Task::BeLike::YOURCPANID::Favorited

to install all your favorite modules in one go?

If yes, install Dist::Create::TaskBeLikeFavorited to create your task distribution, then type:

% create-task-belike-favorited-dist YOURCPANID
% cd Task-BeLike-YOURCPANID-Favorited
% dzil release

You'll probably want to tweak the generated dist.ini prior to dzil release.

An example distribution created by this tool is Task-BeLike-SHARYANTO-Favorited.

You'll also want to run:

% update-task-belike-favorited-dist
% dzil release

from time to time, to update your task, if you add/remove favorites.

Have fun.

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