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Categorizing CPAN modules

Warning: no polished content ahead (as if my writing is polished?) It's all brain dump.

CPAN has categories, but it has long been unmaintained and not very deep/specific:

Should there be a new category/dmoz-like-directory project?

Creating tasks like Task::Topic::DataValidation or Task::{BeLike::SHARYANTO,}::Topic::{DataValidation,Logging,...}? Cute? Maintenance nightmare? Pointless? Probably all of them.

Should CPAN META contain tags, to let authors categorize themselves? Since nowadays the trend is using cute …

The sad state of syntax highlighting libraries on CPAN

I just posted reviews of several code syntax highlighting libraries on CPAN. In short, most of them are crap and there is nothing remotely similar to Python's Pygments or Ruby's coderay (oh how the mighty CPAN has fallen). I found that Syntax::SourceHighlight, a Perl interface to GNU Source-highlight, is the only usable one. One…

Writing version of dependencies

Sometimes excess laziness is not a virtue. Whenever I add a dependency, I used to just write in dist.ini:


This is of course not correct. Starting from last week, I've changed this habit. now I write the version which was currently installed on my development laptop/PC at the time of writing. And if I am not lazy, I try "cpanm Foo::Bar" first to update it to the latest version.

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