Emacs (c)perl-mode for Python-oriented people?

In the middle of reading the surprisingly rather good blog post on a very old topic (hey, didn't know wordpress.com offers HTTPS URLs, nice), I wonder about whether people would think such a mode (or a minor mode for cperl-mode) would be interesting, or not too silly. (BTW why can't I stop doing parentheses?)

The mode's main task is to reduce visual "clutter" for people who has less tolerance for such.

  • Change the appearance of sigiled variables $foo into foo (that is, a space followed by an italicized/emboldened/underlined/differently-visually-marked foo).
  • Conceal or reduce the visibility of semicolons at the end of lines.
  • Reduce the visibility of block-delimiter braces (some challenge here, remember that braces has over 9 uses).

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