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Progress::Any update

This is an update to the post where I introduced Progress::Any a few months ago. Progress::Any is a framework that separates progress updating and outputting.

I have recently revised the API (sadly not backward compatible with old one). It now resembles Log::Any a bit further. In module code, we just need to use Progress::Any to get progress indicator, set position and target, and update the indicator while doing work:

Introducing Unixish

Unixish is a simple framework for creating data transformation routines that can be applied to arrays or streams. The data transformation routines can also be accessed via command-line, much like your usual Unix utilities. In fact, the Data::Unixish distribution comes with several clones of Unix utilities like cat, shuf, head, tail, wc, sort, yes, rev.

Creating a data transformation routine, called a dux function (where dux is short for Data::Unixish) is easy enough. Let's say you're creating a function called revline to reverse the characters of each line of text. You write a function called revline and place it in Data::Unixish::revline package.

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