Hacktivity report (Apr-Jun 2013)

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Or should I say lack thereof. This period witnessed some rather major change in my personal life. I got married and moved to an apartment. So between the preparation for the wedding, the honeymoon, and the moving, there was little time and attention for long sessions of hacking.

What I managed to do is release minor updates for some of my CPAN modules:

  • I tweaked and polished Text::ANSITable so it has nice defaults when displaying output under Konsole, gnome-terminal, as well as xterm. It now observes COLUMNS, tries to fit table width to terminal width, and autoclips content that are too wide (if necessary).

  • Revised the API of Progress::Any (blog post). Aspects like who should do the counter tracking/updating, how hierarchiecal progress indicators should work, got fleshed out. Now I'm more comfortable with the API.

  • Updated/fixed minor bugs in Data::Unixish, SHARYANTO::File::Flock, Org::Parser.

  • Modularized common options in Perinci::CmdLine. Now command-line scripts can exclude or rename --help, --format, etc when they see fit.

No new modules got created during this period.

After the hash randomization breakage (which I don't really mind), a few weeks ago there were also a series of modules which I had to update because they use smart match and failed in CPAN Testers results for Perl 5.18+ (which annoys me a bit because I personally don't plan on using 5.18+ anytime soon).

I attended YAPC::NA 2013 in Austin, but unfortunately participated very little in it. There are only a handful of talks which I saw, and not a lot of people at all that I talked to. I ended up accompanying my wife walking and wondering around the city, as this visit to the US is our honeymoon after all. But I'm glad that I got to see real people and real faces behind the language that I've been involved with for almost two decades. This is my first Perl conference as well as my first hacker-/programmer-related conference, ever. There are very few such conferences being held in my country, not to mention ones being held for Perl.

The plan for the next period: creating a simple web interface for CPAN Lists and deploying the first version of GudangAPI (collection of API functions for Indonesian programmers). Both serve as proofs of concept for Rinci and Riap.

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