Perl module ideas #5

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1. App::FTPThis since, well, there is App::HTTPThis. Or perhaps App::DropBoxThis, for the modern-cloud-oriented people.

2. App::popstatus, App::imapstatus. Inspired by TOKUHIROM's App::httpstatus, I wrote App::smtpstatus a few months ago. Useful sometimes when debugging SMTP problems or hacking on my SMTPD software. An equivalent for IMAP and POP could be nifty sometimes. Some IMAP daemons have their specific codes/messages and it would be nice to incorporate them (and do the same for my App::smtpstatus as well). On a rather unrelated note, I released App::osnames some time ago too.

3. A module that can list ATM locations for some Indonesian banks. Some banks like BCA offer their database of ATM locations on their website. I don't know where or when this would be useful though. Are there any banks outside of Indonesia which offer this data?

4. Data::Format::Pretty::Org. A module to dump data structure as Org document, where array elements become headings or list items and hash key-value pairs become items of definition list. I don't know if this is a silly idea or not; the reason is just so I can view the data in Emacs and collapse/expand nodes. There was no support for collapsing/expanding for YAML and JSON in Emacs last time I checked.

5. Something like the treeshape Python module. I don't get the allure though, does this thing get used a lot?

6. (Silly) More modules which can be used using 'no NAME'. We already have no thanks (and I guess you can also say no more and no less):

no need ...;
no way 'jose';
no longer ...;
no go;
# no man's land

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