Personal hacktivity report (Jul-Sep 2013)

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After a lack of hactivity in the previous quarter, I've slowly resumed development work. Sadly I failed to achieve last quarter's target to setup CPANLists and GudangAPI, and instead have been mostly busy getting my workflow more {d,r}efined, for development of CPAN modules as well as other non-CPAN Perl projects. I blogged about that here and here. I made some progress on a tool called riap, which is a command-line shell Riap client and will make debugging/browsing Riap-supporting API services (like CPANLists and GudangAPI will be) easier. This will be released in a few days. I also released App::ListRevDeps to help me see who uses my modules.

New modules that got created during this period: Carp::Always::Dump (like Carp::Always but dumps data structures in arguments), App::osnames, DateTime::Format::Indonesian, App::ParseCPANChanges, Media::Info and Media::Info::Mplayer, version::Restrict, RSS::From::Twitter.

More about Media::Info: I needed a simple interface to query mplayer (and possibly other AV library/software backend in the future) to give me information about a certain audio/video file (mainly the duration, in seconds). I found out that Video::Info on CPAN is currently abandoned and no longer builds anymore.

Notable improvements to existing modules:

Target for next period remains the same.

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