Random ramblings and observations #1

About this posting series: things that should perhaps personal notes, but shamelessly posted. Things that should've been tweets, but are not because they are a tad longer. Things that are useless most of the time.

* Saw a post about mod_mruby for Nginx. Apparently there is also a module to embed Lua, and another one for Perl. After we painfully learned to decouple web application server from webserver (using WSGI, Rack, PSGI), now it's mod_perl time all over again?

* We use code generation a lot these days in Perl. Dist::Zilla and Pod::Weaver (and their alternatives). Mo[ou]* modules. Type::Tiny, and my data validation framework Data::Sah, which is also code-generation-based. DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader. I'm even thinking of generating command-line scripts on the fly since most of my scripts nowadays are just interface to function in a module. And I look forward to the days when we generate the generators. Certainly an improvement over the boilerplate-generation days (think Module::Starter and Rails/Catalyst).

* I notice that my command-line scripts are getting longer and longer names (compared to a few years ago), is this a sign of old age? Or simply because I have more scripts/projects nowadays? I can manage a few or a dozen rainbarf's, but a couple of hundred?

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