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Installing modules from CPAN *and* your own DarkPAN

I currently maintain several DarkPAN's. A DarkPAN, as some of you might already know, is a CPAN-like repository but which is not CPAN. The "dark" term refers to the fact that it is not being published on the Internet, but usually behind a corporate firewall. The most common use-case is for companies creating their code as Perl distributions and wanting to use the CPAN toolchain to deploy modules. In my case, some of the DarkPANs are not actually "dark" because I publish them on the Internet.

There are two general ways to create a DarkPAN. First, you start with an existing CPAN mirror …

How I track my time with Org document and a couple of Perl scripts

Many of you track time when you work on the computer, either to bill your client or just to find out how long you have worked so you can track/summarize your progress. There are various ways to do this. This article will describe my own particular way which I have been using for almost 2 years. I hope you'll find it useful. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

About Steven Haryanto

user-pic A programmer (mostly Perl 5 nowadays). My CPAN ID: SHARYANTO. I'm sedusedan on perlmonks. My twitter is stevenharyanto (but I don't tweet much). Follow me on github: sharyanto.