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On my recent project, fsql, I want to detect (preferably cheaply) whether a (short) piece of text is JSON, YAML, Perl, CSV, TSV, or LTSV. The JSON/YAML/Perl would contain an AOA (array of arrays) or AOH (array of hashes).

File::LibMagic gives me "text/plain" all the time, so that's useless.

Here's currently the algorithm which I'm using. It's far from perfect, but perfection is not a goal here. Good enough (or even half as good as that) is okay, since…

Introducing fsql and chart

These are two command-line utilities to help you slice/dice and visualize data on the console. fsql utilizes DBD::CSV and a few other modules to let you perform SQL queries against CSV/TSV/LTSV/JSON/YAML files. chart generates simple ASCII charts. I'll give an example for using these tools.

Viewing monthly CPAN releases activity

I maintain a file called relea…

The everywhere trick

After reading Eric's Plack blog series today, I also stumbled upon his other blog post about a nice little Devel::Dwarn trick.

I also pepper use Data::Dump; dd $something; in my code a lot! So many that I created DD and DDC to lessen the…

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