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Rebuilding Cleveland Perl Mongers

When I transitioned from using Perl as a systems engineer, systems administrator ... etc. etc. to working as a full-time developer I was upset to discover the local Perl mongers group fizzled out a long time ago. The last post on the mailing list was about free training from (remember that company??? WOW!?) Needless to say that's some old stuff ...

I was psyched to get things going again so I set out to figure out how to do things the proper way and assume the role as the group organizer. For thos…

Wondering what you can do for Perl?

An interesting idea seems to be floating around the Internet ... creating a basic interactive website on how to contribute to a particular FLOSS project. After some noise on the Perl Monger Groups and Perl Propaganda lists I decided to help a few folks put together: . You might have read something about it on Perl Weekly or not. If you have suggestions please create a ticket or better yet create a pull request here. Cheers!

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