Schedule for Swiss Perl Workshop 2015 ready

We are happy to announce the schedule for the Swiss Perl Workshop 2015.

We will have the Perl 6 Hackathon starting on Thursday August, 27th, Talks on Friday, August, 28th and Workshops and Talks on Saturday, 29th.

Since so many people are contributing to this years' program, it is difficult to highlight any events.

Feel free to listen to the talks you…

Swiss Perl Workshop: The Early Bird Rides the Camel

This year's edition of the SPW will be amazing.
We are proud and happy that we have been able to attract so many Perl hackers (32 so far). A whole team of Perl 6 people will give us some more insights in the newest area of the Perl 6 development. And there is still plenty of room for more Perl 5 and Perl 6 topics. The CFP is not closed yet, so please bring in yourself and Submit your talk. Or consider to hold a workshop on Saturday. Just let us know.

Hey, Perl 6 hackers, if you like to join our Perl 6 hackathon which runs in parallel to the workshop, please sign up. It is starting already Thursday, 27. August.

Did I tell you already about our kitchen team? Their creations have been delicious! Attendees of 2014 know what I am talking about. So, give yourself a chance and join us on Friday, 28. August and Saturday, 29. August 2015.
Buy your ticket soon.

See you there...

Swiss Perl Workshop: The Programme

Right between YAPC::Asia (Tokio, 20-22 Aug) and YAPC::EU (Granada, 2-4 Sept) you have the opportunity to attend another Perl event, the Swiss Perl Workshop 2015.

Day One
Thursday, 27 August
Perl 6 Hackathon
(Plus Dinner for Hackers)

Day Two
Friday, 28 August
Keynotes and Talks, Perl 6 Hackathon
(Plus Attendees' Dinner)

Day Three
Saturday, 29 Augus…

Perl 6 Hackathon with Larry Wall in Switzerland

We are very proud to announce a Perl 6 Hackathon with Larry Wall as part of the Swiss Perl Workshop 2015 by end of August.

Larry already confirmed to come and it is a great honor for us to host him.

It's christmas time ;-)

Larry has announced that the Perl 6 Developers will attempt to make a development release of Version 1.0 of Perl 6.0 in time for his 61st Birthday this year and a Version 1.0 release by …

Swiss Perl Workshop 2015

We are excited to announce Swiss Perl Workshop 2015.
Join us in Olten, Friday 28. and Saturday 29. August 2015.

For further information, please have a look at the workshop website.

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