Swiss Perl Workshop -2 Weeks

Only two weeks until SPW 2104. :-)

There are still some seats free. The organisers would like to ask for timely registration to make it easier to buy food, drinks and appropriate amount of fun. Inadvertent last minute show-ups only get water, dry bread and seats in the hallway. ;-)

Attendees, please leave your preferences and allergies here, so that our kitchen team can try and take these into account. This is especially important for the attendees dinner, taking place at…

Swiss Perl Workshop: Kickstarting Mastering Perl Course

Isn't it amazing! There are people in the community - true celebrities, international travelers, writers of several popular books, authors of bazillion modules, record holders on stack overflow - who not only want to come to your local or not-so-local Perl event but even want to work for their compensation.

For the Swiss Perl Workshop 2014, brian d foy does all the above, and more. He is giving a keynote, teaching his "Become a CPAN Author in 2 Hours", hanging out at the "Hack and Ta…

Swiss Perl Workshop: Schedule

What happened last month:

The camel was at a Meetup, again, together with some Perl mongers.
(Nobody had asked it to eat the decoration..)

Swiss Perl Workshop in Two Months :-)

In a bit less than two months the second Swiss Perl Workshop takes place.

Lots of cool things are going to happen!

Register soon to secure one of the limited tickets.

Book your seat at the courses by brian d foy.

To make waiting for the workshop easier, and to get in touch with fellow Swiss Perl Mongers, come to our Sw…

Swiss Perl Workshop has ROOM

For this year's Swiss Perl Workshop we rented a house that is perfect for all sorts of workshop-like activities.

Apart from the large room were talk are going to be held we have a medium sized room for about 10-15 people and two smaller rooms for 4-8 people.

So, if you are interested in running something like a small hackathon, a half-day course on your favourite Perl topic, or something completely different (but still Perl-related, of course), don't hesitate to contact us.

In the meantime, inspire…