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I am now going to talk about my perl 5 code repository, it is located at

There is a module HollyGame which is about the fastest game kit for adventures/RPGs and so on by using everything in lists, e.g. enemies, sprites lists which are updated every game loop and a image resource indexer which gets you the next image also from a list of images. It was primarily developed on FreeBSD, which is why they didn't include it in CPAN.

If you like Linux more then there is a HollyGameRPGAI which uses a Gauss formula of the Gauss Support Vector Machine to wander around enemies or other non-player characters.

To show the "power" of HollyGame there are examples in that same directory which use it with an SDL 1.2 layer (SDL on CPAN), there is also a Wycadia and Ultima 8 perl game start which I am further working on. The Ultima 8 program has a system for walking around in low levels of platforms inside the file. Each hashed level contains intersected objects with that width, height and depth instead of a usual octtree using contained items.


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