'Buntu, Nvidia drivers and OpenGL complaints

I like playing around with 3D software such as Autodesk Maya and Blender. I gave Blender a much greater focus during the last few months, as I developed a tendency to prefer opensource solutions whenever I can.

At the beginning I had some annoying problems with it, which surprisingly or not, aren't Blender's fault at all. Most of them are Nvidia's fault.

I have a graphics card based on the Nvidia GeForce 8600GT chipset.
On Ubuntu 9.04, my OpenGL didn't work at all, so I couldn't even get Blender to start.

Gladly, with the upgrade to 9.10 and the new ver 185 Nvid…

First post on the shiny new onion

Hello there!

Being a cautious type (usually), I kept on to my recently created use.perl.org journal despite the justified acclaim this new platform gained when it was annouced.

It was worth the wait, seems like all the early illnesses have been cured, and it's safe to join this much improved perl blogging sphere!

Glad to join, and happy to use these great new blogging tools. Thanks to all those involved in the creation and maintenance of blogs.perl.org!

About TheFinalCut

user-pic I'm a perl developer, beginner sys-admin, former plant biologist and aspiring 3D artist. I'm gonn'a write about perl programming, opensource software and probably lots about 3D too.