Introducing this blog

Hello, everybody! (Hi, Doctor Nick!)

This blog will, hopefully, keep you updated on my hackish projects. (Both those involving Perl and otherwise, despite the domain name. Hope you don’t mind overly much. Really, I think most of my hackish projects will grow to include Perl at some point during their lifespan anyway. It’s insidiously useful like that.)

Please, if at any point you find that I’m not updating enough, or I seem to have left behind a project that you are interested in hearing more about / seeing completed, comment. One reason — possibly even the most important reason — I’m starting this is because I want to stop writing so much code that nobody ever sees or uses, and feeling like I never get anything done. If I seem to have dropped a project without telling you why, call me on that, too.

Edit: sorry about the URL; this post was originally going to be about something completely different, which should be the subject of the next post, once I finish writing it.

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Looking forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing the output of your hobbies!

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