YAML::PP ♥ libyaml

I wrote two new modules, combining YAML::PP and libyaml: YAML::LibYAML::API and YAML::PP::LibYAML

YAML::PP Final Grant Report

This is the final report on my TPF Grant Complete YAML::PP

It's a final report, but it's also a TODO report.

I did way more work on YAML::XS and YAML.pm than I would have thought. Both modules will stay around. YAML::XS because of its speed and its usage of the widely used (or ported) libyaml; YAML.pm because for simple data it mostly just works, so there is at least no urgent need for changing to a YAML 1.2 processor.

I think fixing some annoying bugs and incompatibilities improved the state of YAML in Perl a lot.

This is something that was not part of my initial grant proposal.

On the other hand, during implementing the YAML::PP, I learnt more about YAML and saw the need to implement things in a more generic way. If done right, you can do cool things with it. If you are the kind of person who likes to write their programs in latin, you might appreciate that you can now tell the YAML loader to read roman numbers into integers! (And the other way around).

This takes more time to implement and is one of the reasons why loading and dumping generic perl objects is not implemented yet.

YAML.pm 1.25 Changelog

This release contains a lot of little bug fixes, so I thought I'd blog about it. I hope I didn't break anything but you should be aware that chances are a bit higher than usual. Please test!

At the Perl Toolchain Summit I decided to work on trailing comments for YAML.pm, and then I felt like digging a bit deeper into other bugs.

My report of the Perl Toolchain Summit 2018 in Oslo

This year, to my surprise, I was again invited to the summit, on short notice.

Again, I was able to visit a city I have never been before and hack four days on YAML and other stuff.

YAML::PP Grant Report March 2018

Hello readers,

I hope you had a nice easter weekend.

I had another busy month and worked about 25 hours on YAML.