FindBin is fixed

I cannot comment on (seems to be an MT bug)

So I'm trying to post an article.

FindBin had a bug for quite a while but was fixed in perl 5.16 as I wrote in
Here's the bug report: ="…

Keeping an eye on request duration

Some of you already know that I like optimizing things (modules, applications), regarding speed and scalability. For optimizing, you typically benchmark and profile. Regarding web applications, what I find very helpful also is observing request duration over time.

I've been doing this for quite a while now, and I found out, that this is not very common, so I would like to give an example and explain why it can be helpful. I'm also interested in other examples and typical values. (The only post about something like this I found was

Why the perl community is no boy's club

First, the reason for this post: There was this answer in the recent survey:
"None - I refuse to acknowledge the term man hours, you patriarchical pig. But I have many person-hours. And let me tell you..."

You can discuss if this is discriminating feminists or not. It's a matter of perception, if you know the author or not. It seems that there are people who find this offensive. And I also think that it shouldn't be on a perlmonks poll, while in a group of friends it might be funny.

German Perl-Workshop 2013 - Sponsor think project!

We're glad to announce another sponsor for the German Perl Workshop 2013 in Berlin:


Company description in German:

Die internetbasierte Projektplattform think project! wird in 40 Ländern
von namhaften Bauherren, Projektentwicklern, Projektsteuerern, Bauunternehmen sowie
Architektur- und Ingenieurbüros eingesetzt – bis heute in über 5.000 Projekten mit mehr
als 90.000 Benutzern. think project! vereinfacht die Zusammenarbeit i…

German Perl-Workshop 2013 - Call for Participation

Here is the official Call for Participation:

From March 13th to 15th the 15th German Perl Workshop will take place at the Betahaus in Berlin.