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Safely load untrusted YAML in Perl

Usually people deal with YAML files from trusted sources. But maybe you want to load input from a Website as YAML. This can lead to problems, and this article will talk about what you can do to make the loading safe.

The problems I'll talk about are loading objects, cyclic references and general parsing problems.

I will cover YAML.pm, YAML::Tiny, YAML::XS, YAML::Syck and YAML::PP.

YAML::PP Grant Report January 2018


thanks for reading my report. This report will be quite short because I have been busy with other things, and a lot of time went into discussions rather than coding, and I never logged time for discussions.

I have been working on YAML::PP about 10 hours.

See also my previous reports on blogs.perl.org (Aug/Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec )

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