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I have looked high and low for help on getting started on a blog here at, specifically with regard to typical templates and including syntax highlighting to put code in my articles, but I can't find anything.

I fear it may end up being something as simple as, "Did you click 'Help' over there?" But, I will post this and take a chance on looking silly.

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Welcome! This site is built on a system called MovableType. It is a mostly standard blogging engine. I recommend using markdown format for input (it's a rather standard flavor, also remember that html is valid markdown). In your settings you can set that as the default.

Happy (perly) blogging!

Personally I use the "None" format (i.e. plain HTML) for my posts.

I write them in pod, previewing in perldoc. Then, when I'm happy, I convert the pod to HTML and paste it into the blog.

Well, since this site had a security breach and revealed the weak hashing for passwords I wouldn't recommend Movable Type.

Now, if you really like Perl you honestly could build one that uses SHA2 hashing which is less vulnerable so far. You could use the one that was used as an example for learning Perl Dancer from the Advent Calendar on October 2010 and then just add all kinds of stuff to it plus you'll have lots of fun. Their example uses the older Dancer but could easily be done in Dancer2.

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