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How do you join the conversation?

blogs.perl.org is great in that it's a stream of blog posts around a specific technology. Since I, like many of you, blog about other technologies too, I'd like to learn from you about other conversation streams. For me personally, the list of topics include:

  • Web development (JavaScript, CSS, etc)
  • Lifehacks
  • Unix, Linux, shell scripting
  • General tech / tech business
  • Database

I'll add what little knowledge I have on the topic:


Fix Those Legacy Subroutines or Methods

Maybe you know the feeling… you go to add an option to that method or subroutine and… cue Jaws theme

sub update_shopping_cart {
    my $cart_id        = shift;
    my $item           =


I am creating a separate post only because I now seem to have lost the permission to comment on other people's posts...

No bigfoot, you are not the only one. I know there was some kind of security breach and some things were disabled so I've come to grudgingly accept it.

It would be nice to get it fixed though...

Anyway I had to change mine again just to post this comment but I felt it was important! :)

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