Book Report - October 2014

This month has been quite a busy one for me, so I haven't had much chance to work on my (in-progress) book. However, I have had some time to start work on a short talk for London Perl Workshop 2014 which will cover some of the OO best practices followed in the book. (At the time of writing, I've not yet heard whether the talk has been accepted/scheduled.)

I've been debating whether I should make the presentation available now, or if that would be too much of a "spoiler". In the end I decided that I'm trying to do as much of this book stuff as openly as possible, so I've added what I've done on the presentation so far to GitHub. If you're planning on going to LPW, and don't want to know what's in the presentation, don't click that link.

In the next few weeks I hope to have some more time for working on the book. I hope to complete the chapter on namespaces, and start on the chapter about encapsulation and accessors.

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