[UPDATED] Beginning Perl For Bioinformatics

One of my favorite tweeps asked for some up-to-date resources to help her teach Perl to her university's Biology students. "Biology students?", you ask. Yes! If you've mostly used Perl for Web development and systems support, you might be surprised to learn that Perl is huge in the bioinformatics domain. Hell, perlgeeks played a crucial role in cracking the human genome. SCIENCE!

Anyway, since I'm neither all-knowing nor all-seeing (shocking, right?) I figured I'd put the list of resources up here so others could chime in.


The First Test I Always Write

Nothing fancy, I just find myself copying this test into t/ directory of every new project so I thought others might find it useful, too.

Basically, it just runs Test::More's use_ok() on every file in the package's blib/lib directory to ensure that everything is building okay.

file: 000use.t

use Test::More;
use File::Find;

my @classes = ();

my $root = 'blib/lib';

sub …

Unscrewing The Pooch


As many of you may already know, a group of us got together a couple of years ago to form Tamarou, an Enlightened Perl/OSS-friendly consulting and development firm. We decided to work the business using an incremental approach-- basically everyone involved had their own things going and each of us committed X number of hours per month to make it gr…