Available for Perl Work

Hi All,

I am available for Perl work. I can work remotely or locally in the
Boston area. Also I can be on-site a reasonable amount of time depending
on travel logistics.

You can see my design and coding skills on CPAN (id: URI).

Damian Conway said this about me in his acknowledgements in Perl Best
Practices: "To Uri Guttman, for seeing things no one else did, in ways
no one else could."

If your Perl team is large enough (say > 5 or so), one of the best ways
to use my services is supporting your team with code review, optimization,…

Perl Hunter Job Leads

The Perl Hunter has several new job leads. Check them out on the Perl
jobs web site. If you are interested, send your resume in PDF and code
samples (URL is fine) to PDF at PerlHunter.com


RIP Sherm Pendley

Sherm Pendley passed away this last weekend. He was a regular on usenet
and also the author of CamelBones, a Perl/Objective-C bridge. I got to
know him well over the several months as I placed him at his current
job. He was very well respected and liked at that company and all his
colleagues and I are all very shocked and saddened at this news. I
haven't heard an official cause of death but he was ill last week and
something must have gotten very bad. He will be missed.


edit_file and edit_file_lines

to localize $^I and @ARGV to do that? Now you can do that with a simple
call to edit_file or edit_file_lines in the new .018 release of
File::Slurp. Now you can modify a file in place with a simple call.

edit_file reads a whole file into $_, calls its code block argument and
writes $_ back out the file. These groups are equivalent operations:

perl -0777 -pi -e 's/foo/bar/g' filename

use File::Slurp qw( edit_file ) ;

edit_file { s/foo/bar/g } 'filename' ;/var/www/users/uri/index.html

Perl Hunter Job Leads

I figure I might as well get blogging on Perl Hunting as well.

I have set of Perl job leads open now. This is a telecommute job from these
8 states or onsite in Silver Springs MD:


Read more about this job

To apply for either job send your resume in PDF or plain text AND
samples of your Perl code to resumes AT PerlHunter.com.

If your shop has a Perl job you want filled, send it to me as well. I
have placed over 30 Perl developers all over the country and can help