Perl Hunter Job Leads

I figure I might as well get blogging on Perl Hunting as well.

I have set of Perl job leads open now. This is a telecommute job from these
8 states or onsite in Silver Springs MD:


Read more about this job

To apply for either job send your resume in PDF or plain text AND
samples of your Perl code to resumes AT

If your shop has a Perl job you want filled, send it to me as well. I
have placed over 30 Perl developers all over the country and can help
you out. You save time and money by doing reading fewer resumes, and no
wasting hours of time interviewing candidates who have no chance of
being hired. Read more about my services at


FYI, the second posting is no longer available.

Heya, we emailed a while back and you never got back to me after you went on vacation, so this likely slipped attention as well:

Your Seekers page still does not mention the paintext/PDF requirement:

Nah, you didn't let me slip by and did respond (You can find it if you search for Christian Walde). I just had bad timing and sent it just before you went on a vacation, after which i never heard anything back. This also isn't much of an issue though, since shortly after i received a regionally close offer that i ended up accepting on short notice.

And just so you know i didn't take anything bad from the exchange: I'll most likely be contacting you this fall or next spring, as i'm not looking very much towards continuing here for a long time.

And you'll get plenty of code examples now that I've been more busy on cpan and submitting patches on github. In fact: Maybe you could give people examples of what kind of code examples you'd expect.

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