Template::Simple .04 is on CPAN

I have released Template::Simple .04 to CPAN. This is a major update
with the addition of compiled templates, a runnable cookbook script and
a benchmark script. Templates can be compiled and run much faster. The
benchmark shows nested templates rendering up to 34 times faster than
Template::Toolkit and faster than Template::Teeny. If you want to flame
about the speed issue, you are better off adding entries to the benchmark (it needs a
redesign as it was sent to me) and showing faster templating
examples. The cookbook is a runnable script showing many examples of how
to use T::S along with pod describing each example.

The design philosophy of T::S is total isolation of data logic from the
template itself. A template designer can work independently from a coder
who works on the data. Also this give more flexibility you can mix and
match different templates with different data trees without rewriting
either. All the common idioms are supported including nested data and
templates, include files, loops, conditionals, etc. You can also customize behavior with code callbacks in the data. The cookbook script
in extras/ will get you started with all of the idioms. And with the
compiled templates you now get the fastest rendering.

Have the appropriate amount of fun.


Template::Tiny also does a minimal TT syntax. Have you done a speed test between the two?

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