Announcing Ubic

Ubic is a toolkit for describing services on Linux in perl. It's been implemented in-house at Yandex as a better way to run daemons than writing ugly SysV-style /etc/init.d scripts, and i've put it on github and CPAN recently.

I also gave a lightning talk about it at YAPC::Russia::2010 in Kiev several days ago, it should explain most of its traits:

So... any feedback? :)

PS: Several Ubic::Service::* modules are not in public domain yet - i'll have to do some cleanup first, hopefully in next week or two.


Seem cool, maybe I will try it on my new demo site. Thanks for sharing, John Napiorkowski

You know, if you actually care to get people interested and using this thing you should maybe publish your talk notes, instead of the rather cryptic slides.

Ah, thanks for explaining, that makes sense. :)

Also, good to hear you have plans for documentation. It's always nice to see that it is one of the foremost things in a developer's mind.

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