Ubic progress - manuals, easy installation, cross-platform

(For those people who don't know about it yet - ubic is a flexible, powerful, extensible perl-based service manager. Something like upstart or daemontools, but better.)

Lots of cool stuff happened in last few months.

First, ubic is now cross-platform and runs on *bsd, Mac OS X and pretty much any posix-compatible OS out there (no Windows yet, sorry).

Second, installation is now as easy as possible. Just do "cpanm Ubic && ubic-admin setup", and you are done. (Pass "--batch-mode" to setup command if questions annoy you). It's even possible to install ubic in home folder without root access and use it with perlbrew or whatever you like. Even on shared hosting, if you have the ability to edit crontab there.

Third, 1.30 release finally got some new manuals. They are far from perfect, but I believe they are much better than old PODs with which it was pretty obscure for new user to figure out where to start.

If you didn't try it earlier, because of incomplete docs or complicated installation procedure, now would be a good time to try again.
If this is the first time you heard about ubic, it's also a good time to try it.

Join us at irc.perl.org/#ubic if you have anything to say, I'm always greedy for any kind of feedback :)

PS: There will be the talk on Ubic on YAPC::Europe this year. I won't be there, but kappa will tell you everything you need to know. Don't miss it.


The doc updates look great. To be honest I have been interested in this project but the docs before slowed me down a bit. Will be taking another look.

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