Perl 5 Optimizing Compiler, Part 14: RPerl v1.1 Release, Codename Jupiter, Now Supporting N-Body Benchmark

Howdy Perl Lovers,

RPerl v1.1, codename 'Jupiter', has been released to CPAN!

Jupiter supports fully-automated compiling of the long-awaited N-body application software, which is a solar system simulator used by the Alioth Benchmark Game to rank programming languages by speed.

RPerl and the new PhysicsPerl software suite enable the N-body app to run at the speed of C++, dropping from over 19 minutes runtime to barely 13 seconds!

For now, see the INSTALL notes file for instructions on running N-body using RPerl & PhysicsPerl.

Also, take a look at the pre-release user documentation, Learning RPerl!

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