Perl 5 Optimizing Compiler, Part 18: RPerl v1.6 Released, Happy Valentine's Day!

Greetings Fellow Perlites,

For St. Valentine's Day, we have released RPerl v1.6, with support for a number of new features:

- Two Dimensional Arrays
- Logical Ops
- Uncompile Mode
- Mandelbrot app via MathPerl

As always, the latest official release may be found on CPAN:

Thanks to our first grant from The Perl Foundation, we have released the first partial draft of the new book Learning RPerl, available on either CPAN or directly on the RPerl website:


Please take a moment to click the following link and leave a comment, this counts as your vote for RPerl to receive the next round of funding from The Perl Foundation:

The deadline is only 2 days from now, Weds Feb 17, thanks so much for your support!

~ Will the Chill

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Hey guys, do what you can to upvote this proposal for TPF. It's about the only really "new" Perl5 thing to come along in a while. CPAN has plenty of modules, it's about time for a new, shinier implementation.

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