Wishlist: filter CPAN modules

Sometimes I wish I could apply a filter named "only list serious modules" when browsing through CPAN. More and more people are mis-using CPAN as a personal storage for modules that are not usable for other people. Other useless modules (aside from those in the 'ACME' namespace) act as a pun on common modules like 'Moose'.

Especially when teaching newcomers how to use the CPAN this leaves a bad impression.

Experienced people quickly learn to skip those things but taking the archive more serious would be nice.



Do you know about https://metacpan.org/ ?

They have the concept of ++ on a module so you could use that to get 'serious' modules.


#metacpan on irc.perl.org

I'm sure they'd like help on implementing something like that.

Also Task::Kensho is always good to point newbies at to start with.

Hope that's useful.



Why do you think that CPAN, even outside of Acme::, is only for modules that are usable for other people?

The CPAN flourishes because of the unfettered piles of modules in it, not in spite of it. Can't remember who coined that term.

I hope that in time MetaCPAN will be able to provide an interface for people who are not that familiar with CPAN yet to decide which is the "best" module for their needs.

@Phred, I think @Wolfgang Kinkeldei does not want to limit the inflow of crap (hell, that would remove my PAUSE account :), but to provide a way for people who are not "in-the-know" yet to make it easier to find a solution to whatever problem they need to solve.

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